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5 Email Marketing Skills to Master in 2017

  • January 9, 2017

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to communicate with your target audience, and with the many advancements in email marketing technology, businesses now have the ability to send out highly relevant, targeted campaigns that convert.

Before you start designing your next campaign though, there are a few basic principles that you need focus on to ensure that you’re seeing the best possible results in 2017. These basics might seem quite simple but they’re essential skills that all email marketers need to master if they want to achieve a better ROI in the New Year.

Skill 1: Email Hygiene

With so much spam floating around out there, businesses need to do everything they can to maintain a good online reputation. Practicing email hygiene is one way to do this. You can scrub your email list yourself but it helps to partner with an email service provider, especially if you’re dealing with quite a large list. By scrubbing your email list on a regular basis you’re making sure that you aren’t sending emails to invalid or inactive addresses. When ISPs see that your emails have a high bounce rate and a low engagement rate you’re potentially seen as a spammer and your IP could be blacklisted. Email hygiene also ensures that you’ve removed any spam traps from your list.

Skill 2: List Segmentation

Almost everything that a user experiences online is relevant to them as a person and their specific interests. Emails that are directed at the masses don’t generate great results and list segmentation has become more important than ever. It’s essential for marketers to get to know their email recipients by collecting as much data as possible on each of them. You can segment your list anyway you want, demographics, past purchases and browsing habits are all examples of data that can be used to segment your list in order to send more personalized campaigns.

Skill 3: Staggering Your Sends

When you’re dealing with a really big email list it’s best not to send emails out in huge batches for two important reasons. Firstly, when too many emails are being sent out all at once it raises some red flags as this is a tactic that spammers use, which is why it’s best to split your sends into groups, especially if you’re sending from an IP for the first time. Secondly, sending emails out in batches gives you the chance to analyze your results and optimize where necessary.

Skill 4: Impactful Writing

With short user attention spans on the rise and with so many emails being sent every single day, it helps to keep your emails short, relevant and informative. Your email copy should be scannable and immediately convey how the recipient is going to benefit from reading it. There’s no need to first introduce your business before you get to the good stuff. Online users will visit your website if they really want to find out more about who you are and what you do.

Skill 5: Testing

Every email that you develop should be tested on a variety of devices before you send it out. If a recipient is having trouble viewing or reading your email on a particular device there’s a good chance you’re going to lose out on a potential conversion. Testing also gives you the opportunity to test which design, copy, calls-to-action and images work best for your target audience so it pays to make this an important part of your overall email campaign process.