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7 Heart-Warming Valentine’s Day Email Campaign Ideas

  • January 5, 2017

The festive season has come and gone and it won’t be long before consumers start thinking about Valentine’s Day.

You don’t need to be a florist or a chocolatier to get in on the Valentine’s Day hype either. This annual holiday is all about love and showing the people in your life that you appreciate them.

Valentine’s Day email campaign ideas

If you’re looking for ways to get your brand noticed on the days leading up to the holiday of love, here are a few ideas.

Offer a discount voucher

Since so many people will still be paying off some of that Christmas debt, a discount voucher will certainly be welcome as they get closer to Valentine’s Day. People are buying more than just flowers and chocolates during this period so this type of campaign can work for nearly any business.

Create a date guide

Create a fun guide for planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date and tie this in with your brand or products. This tactic works especially well if you run a venue that could serve as a great place for a date.

Run a competition

Develop a competition that couples would really want to win. The prize could be a trip for two, matching gift sets or even a dream Valentine’s Day date for two people that your brand will arrange. You could even get people to generate content for you by asking them to do something creative and share it online to enter. This also makes for some great content that you can share in your next email.

Help them out with the planning

A lot of people will be planning something special for the people they love on Valentine’s Day so why not offer them some advice that relates back to your products or services? A cookware brand could send out a recipe for a killer dessert, a clothing brand could give them advice on what to wear on their date and a beauty brand could help the girls find the perfect lip color for their big date.

Encourage people to love themselves

If you have a product that doesn’t quite fit in with Valentine’s Day, you could always encourage people to spoil themselves by buying something they really love. You could also throw in a discount voucher to sweeten the deal.

Donate to a charity

If you really can’t find a way to relate to Valentine’s Day, use it as an opportunity to spread the love by donating to your favorite charity. Get your customers involved by offering to donate a percentage of every purchase to a specific charity. This should also encourage people to make a purchase if they would really like to support that charity.

One for the singles

There will be recipients on your list who would rather not celebrate Valentine’s Day so why not create a fun, unique campaign that’s completely anti-valentine’s day. Use fun visuals and create some content that speaks to the things they can rather do on the 14th of Feb.