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How to Retain Customers Using Email Marketing

  • January 3, 2017

You’ve put in the work, built your email list, turned prospects into customers and you’re reaping the rewards. Now how do you make sure that your customers stick around?

The good news is that the email marketing experience you gained while generating and nurturing your leads can now be put to good use to retain your new customers. Finding new customers requires a lot more money and effort than retaining the ones you have so it pays to develop a few email campaigns that can be used to get repeat business from your existing customers.

Email marketing customer retention strategies

Below are a few tactics that you can use to retain your current customers and start benefitting from repeat business.

Start a rewards program

Rewards programs are super simple to implement and there are lots of rewards options for your business to choose from. Track your customers’ purchases and offer them free delivery on every 5th purchase or reward them with points every time they make a purchase of a certain value.

Send them valuable content

Develop unique content that your email recipients will find useful and that relates back to what you do as a business. Once you get a visitor to your website to read or watch your content you can encourage a conversion by using a call-to-action or showcasing products that are related to your content.

Offer a discount coupon

Make your subscribers feel special by sending them a discount coupon that can be used with their next purchase. Make it a limited time offer to encourage them to convert sooner. If you know when your subscribers’ birthdays are, send them a coupon then too.

Give them early access

Have an upcoming sale that you’re looking to promote? Give your email subscribers early access to the sale or let them preview the items that will be on sale to get them excited. Giving your subscribers a preview or early access also makes being a subscriber feel more exclusive.

Ask for their feedback

Customers like to be heard and by asking for their feedback you show them that their opinions are valued and trusted. Use an email to send out a link to a survey or make your email interactive so that recipients can send their responses directly from the email.

Run a competition

The prospect of winning an amazing prize is truly exciting so why not run a competition that’s exclusive to your email subscribers to encourage customer loyalty? You could even use one of your own products as a prize to get people excited about it. You might even find that the people who don’t win end up purchasing the product anyway.